Future Robotics Technology Sharing Session




2018-09-20 19:47:03

9月17日,深湾会2018英国文化节“高科技与先进制造”主题篇章拉开帷幕。深湾会特邀英国爱丁堡研究中心主任Sethu Vijayakumar教授,带来“机器人领域的新科技进展与技术革新”的主题讲座。

On September 17th, Shenzhen Bay Club’s 2018 British Culture Festival opened the chapter of “High Technology and Advanced Manufacturing”. Prof. Sethu Vijayakumar, director of the Edinburg Centre for Robotics, was invited by the Club to give a themed lecture of “the novel scientific advancements and technological innovations in robotics”. 


Prof. Vijayakumar and his research team have long been dedicated to enabling robots to perform human activities such as navigating and walking, grabbing, and interacting with others, through the constant upgrading of programming and the setting of logics. Prof. Vijayakumar, in his speech, put forward the concept of the “Shared Autonomy System”, which will facilitate the rehabilitation of patients in the medical field and the maintenance of equipment in the industrial field, as well as reduce labor cost and improve efficiency through Mobile Collaborative Robot, thus achieving the vision of “human-machine collaboration”. 

随后Sethu Vijayakumar教授现场与来宾演示了其团队研发的机器人手如何通过自主学习,执行系列类人类手部动作,让现场来宾更直观了解未来机器人的可实现性。

Prof. Sethu Vijayakumar then demonstrated to the guests how the robotic hand developed by his team can perform a series of human hand movements through autonomic learning, so that the guests can understand what the robots can achieve in the future more directly.


The technological breakthroughs and innovations in robotics will promote the industry to progress from “automation” to “intelligence”, helping us to cope with major challenges in the future. Shenzhen Bay Club is looking forward to witnessing this journey with you!