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2018-09-25 16:47:09

9月19日晚,深湾会携手威廉姆斯集团带来 “直击F1幕后-走进威廉姆斯集团”主题活动,威廉姆斯车队的亚洲市场负责人Chris Church先生、英国国际贸易部华南区首席商务领事David Bull先生莅临活动现场。

On the evening of September 19th, Shenzhen Bay Club and Williams Group held the themed event of “Behind the F1 Grand Prix: Williams' Advanced Manufacturing.” Mr. Chris Church, commercial manager of the Asia-Pacific Area at Williams Martini Racing, and Mr. David Bull, DIT Senior Point of Contact for South China at the Department for International Trade, were invited to attend this event. 

Chris Church先生为现场来宾展示他们精良的赛车装备,并分享了Williams Martini车队赛前赛后的幕后花絮,多维度为来宾们解构威廉姆斯高级工程的先进制造技术和成果。

Mr. Chris Church showed their sophisticated racing equipment and shared some behind-the-scenes footage of the Williams Martini Racing team, multi-dimensionally demonstrating the advanced manufacturing and products of Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited to the guests. 


The Formula 1 Grand Prix has a large audience, more than 1.8 billion viewers from over 200 countries.  As one of the ten competing teams, Williams Martini Racing contends fiercely with the teams of Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull in the 21 games every year around the world. With its rich experience accumulated in participating in the F1 Grand Prix for many years, Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited provides highly innovative products and services to various industries including car racing, automobile, defense, aerospace and healthcare, helping plenty of domestic and international companies achieve their innovative ideas. 


The themed event of “Behind the F1 Grand Prix: Williams' Advanced Manufacturing” in Singapore  


In the new wave of technological innovation, the development of advanced technology and manufacturing is transforming all aspects of human life. Shenzhen Bay Club is looking forward to witnessing the future development of the cutting-edge science and technology together with you.