Shenzhen Bay Club is developed by Shenzhen Parkland Group Co., Ltd, and professionally consulted by CCA International. The vision of Shenzhen Bay Club is to create a sustainable ‘Club Life’, which encourages a happy and healthy lifestyle. Located in One Shenzhen Bay, the Club is committed to provide Members and guests with sophisticated and personalized services to the highest standards.

深湾会是由深圳市鹏瑞集团发起、位于深圳湾1号内的深圳首家国际会员制俱乐部。承袭英式俱乐部传统,以“质感生活 · 知乐人生”为宗旨,为会员带来健康、愉悦生活方式。深湾会由专业的管理公司CCA International作为管理顾问,确保高水准的会员服务。