Envisioning a socially prestigious community that can go the distance, Shenzhen Bay Club follows the tradition of gentlemen’s clubs in Britain and wishes to lead members a happy and healthy living. Until 2019, hundreds of members have been recruited through the club’s by-Invitation-only and members-only channels. Among its quality membership base, there are founders of listed companies and well-known enterprises, as well as entrepreneurs running large and medium-sized businesses in China. In addition, there are invited members, including Guangzhou-based consul generals of various countries, as well as leaders and influencers from a variety of fields. These members are industry elites who represent the city of Shenzhen and drive a new future.

深湾会承袭英式俱乐部传统,以会员制建立一个享有崇高社会威望的会员群体并长久传承而创立,以“质感生活 知乐人生”为宗旨,为会员带来健康、愉悦的生活方式。截止到2019年,深湾会已招募会员数百位,包括知名企业创始人、企业家,还有受邀入会的各国驻广州总领事、各领域领袖及翘楚,形成了优质的会员群体基础。风云际会,智思交融,深湾会成员代表着深圳的城市品格,驱动着全新的未来。